Bacon, bacon and more bacon in Taco Bell’s latest ad

Everybody loves bacon apparently, according to the Internet and this Taco Bell commercial for their bacon club chalupa. Personally, I think bacon is overrated, which is apparently a very unpopular opinion. Anyways, in the ad a man goes up a mall escalator and notices that everything around him has been baconized. Bacon Couture, bacon sunglasses, bacon shoe […]

Taco Bell’s Afternoon Delight is kind of like Arrested Development

Taco Bell is one of hundreds of chains trying to capitalize on the Happy Hour concept. It’s an attempt to boost sales during a slow period of the day (2pm-5pm) despite the fact the usual idea of Happy Hour involves alcohol and hanging out in an establishment which is nothing like Taco Bell. With all […]

Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell’s breakfast

Taco Bell is desperate to prove that their new breakfast items, including a taco made out of a waffle, is better than some of the other breakfast options out there. They company has set out to do this by using one of the oldest tricks in the book – a bit of wordplay. Watch as […]

A detailed look at the 2013 Super Bowl ads

In November we published a preview of the ads you could expect to see during the 2013 Super Bowl. As we've crept closer to the big game, additional information on the commercials has been released/leaked.  Want to maintain the suspense and surprise? Read no further. What follows is a rather detailed look at what's to […]