A good neighbor would have stopped State Farm from making this ad


I like Aaron Rodgers.  Really, I do.  He seems like a good guy.  You never hear about him pulling NFL player diva like shenanigans, which is refreshing.  And up until now, his State Farm commercials have been charming, if nothing else.

But then.

This commercial with him at career day at an elementary school – it's just…bad.

As if the students would say "that's not a job" to an NFL player.  As if they'd ask what he does to help people. Yes, let's mock his MVP trophy because insurance is more important!  I get that State Farm is trying to use Rodgers in a different way and not take themselves too seriously, but using him to sell insurance and then undermining his role in the NFL seems odd to me.

In previous commercials, when Rodgers was chatting with people at an insurance office, it made sense.  Being randomly thrown into career day next to State Farm agents does nothing for anyone except maybe triggering their gag reflex.

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Reva is a staff writer for Awful Announcing and the AP Party. She lives in Orange County and roots for zero California teams.