Awful Classics: It’s Always Sunny’s Mac in an anti-smoking PSA

Remember those awful yet memorable ads from back in the day? We do too. Starting today we will be running a series titled "Awful Classics" where we hunt down some of the worst and most iconic commercials from yesteryear. Join us for a trip down memory lane – for better or worse.

If you turned on the television at any point during the '90s you probably came across an anti-smoking PSA. They were unavoidable. One that always stuck with me was an impromptu interview with a high school boy as he walked out of class. He said he tried cigarettes at age 14 but they weren't for him. As his friend passed, the boy said "Hold up" and he abruptly asked the camera crew if they were finished. The ad tried desperately to reflect real life but it just came off staged. Strangely, it's one I've personally never forgotten. 

Looking back at this ad now you might be shocked to realize that the boy is Mac (Rob McElhenney) from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm not sure what's most shocking, the fact Mac is in a real anti-smoking PSA or the fact he hasn't yet packed on any mass in the gym. 

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