Awful Classics: Milk – Refrigerator Raider

The '90s were a strange, yet fascinating time in advertising. Scottie Pippen was enjoying sandwich parties and little cartoon men were climbing through refrigerators in pursuit of ice cold milk. We apologize for the rough quality (it's obviously off of a VHS tape) but hopefully you'll enjoy a blast from the past and a song you might have tried to forget. 

The Refrigerator Raider spot is one that earns its spot as an Awful Classic due to its memorable soundtrack. Some 15+ years since the commercial originally aired in the mid-90s, I've caught myself humming the "Refrigerator Raider" tune at the most random times. I'm not sure what makes it so catchy but the beat the and the phrase "Refrigerator Raider" is something I'll likely take to the grave. Unfortunately, while I can remember the song perfectly, I couldn't remember what the spot was actually pitching until I was able to track it down on YouTube – an indication that while Milk created a memorable ad, it wasn't tied to the product closely enough. 

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