Awful Classics: Scottie Pippen’s hilarious Mr. Submarine ad

Scottie Pippen endorsing sub sandwiches is a winning formula on its own. Add in a 6-foot sub from Mr. Submarine and some cheerleaders that truly reflect the style of the early '90s and you've got advertising gold. 

"Ladies, let's have a party." It's rare a commercial makes me laugh, but Pippen's delivery and awkward smile are just perfect comedy. Here's a giant sub standing vertically (how?) at center court. Pippen can't guard this 6-foot stack of meat and cheese on his own. Might as well have a sandwich party. Brilliant. 

The ad ends with Pippen dunking a basketball that morphs into a sandwich. It might not make much sense but this old spot from 1991 is one that shouldn't be forgotten. All hail Mr. Submarine. 

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