Chase scores big with this ad featuring Drew Brees

This Chase ad for the Quick Pay feature they offer is all kinds of precious.  At first, all you see is a toddler kicking a football, which flies through the air, only to break lots of other people's things, while they look terribly confused. And rightfully so. I mean, if a football came flying though my bedroom window when I was doing yoga (and by yoga I of course mean drinking wine and playing Words With Friends) I would be confused too.

We then learn the child kicking the football must belong to Drew Brees, because he immediately starts sending all his neighbors money for the damage via his phone (and Chase app) and all is forgiven.

This commercial does a great job. First of all Drew's son is adorable. Second of all it shows Drew using the product but not in a Dan Marino Isotoner from Ace Ventura Pet Detective way (yes, I went there, deal with it).  It is definitely a very convenient feature as well for all of us who have gone out to dinner with 15 people and wanted to split the check with eight different credit cards only to have the waitress silently cursing us while she takes an hour to settle our check.  

This might make things easier.  Anyway – unlike some commercials featuring athletes using products we know they don't (cough cough Shaq in a Buick cough), Chase finds a relevant way to feature an athlete using its product, all while making us smile.

Well played, Chase.



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