Dina Lohan Thinks You’re Mean

This promo for Dr. Phil's one-on-one sit down with Dina Lohan is 60-seconds of pure gold.  Seriously, whoever put this gem together deserves a PhD in Avid.  

The reaction Dr. Phil has to pretty much everything she says is classic – he's completely dumfounded.  Is she even listening to herself?  Probably not.  Is she drunk and high out of her mind?  Probably.

Dr. Phil tells her she's been called the Worst Mother in America (no, really, that should be in her e-mail signature), to which she responds, "that's so mean," with a shrug of her shoulders because she just doesn't get it.

Mean, maybe; inaccurate, not so much.

The best part is when he flashes a timeline of all of Lindsay's legal woes and numerous other shenanigans (rehab, falling into the bushes on her way out of a bar, the usual) and Dina says, "if she lived in New York, five of those things would be obsolete."  First of all, I think she means "irrelevant," second of all, that's hardly the point.  

I just can't with her – we wonder why Lindsay is so self-entitled.  Your answer can be found in a drunken pile on Dr. Phil's couch.  This episode should be a reminder of what NOT to do, in pretty much every aspect of your life.

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