ESPN Flexing Advertising Prowess With Fantasy Football And Stafford MNF Commercials

If you take the time to read "Those Guys Have All The Fun", the oral history chronicling ESPN's rise to dominance, surprisingly one of the 9 key steps to their success includes the success of the "This Is SportsCenter" commercials.

ESPN's advertising over the years has stayed consistently high quality and focused on whatever they are promoting. While we could run through some of the more memorable campaigns of late from WatchESPN, to College Gameday, to their new spiffy NASCAR campaign, here are a couple for football season to are entertaining and on point.

Both move quickly, are funny and memorable, and don't jam what they are promoting down your throat. It's a subtle comical reminder of how much we all love football.

While not the the most amazing commercials we've seen, the fact is that every week ESPN rolls out a handful of new commercials and they're generally all on point. High marks from us on these spots although is advertising fantasy football and Monday Night Football that hard? Regardless, they're memorable and solicit a chuckle which in the end means they are effective. 


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