Google really wants you to use Google+ on Android

In their latest ad Google is asking – practically begging – Android users to try out Google+ on their mobile devices. Google+, otherwise known as the Google experiment that still hasn't gotten off the ground, brings some cool features to the Android. Will it be enough to make Google+ relevant? Probably not. 

If you're at a picnic and want to capture some memories, Google+ and Android can help. All of your friends' photos will now appear in one place. A cool idea, in theory, aside from the fact none of my friends are on Google+. Also, there's bound to be that one guy (usually me) that posts candid, random photos simply to add some humor to the stream. 

Your friends can connect from wherever they are. Like Jamie Le in the ad above that couldn't make the picnic because she…had to sit in a coffee shop of some sort. Geez, thanks for bailing Jamie. I suppose she didn't want to sit on a blanket while all of her friends were glued to their phones, trying to upload photos. Whatever happened to actually enjoying the moment instead of trying to capture it virtually?

The Google+ hangout is also seen but there isn't a major difference (in the ad at least) between it and Apple's Face Time. Google does a lot of things right but it'll need more than just this ad if it ever hopes to make Google+ a force in the industry. 


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