Gus Johnson explodes in Fox Sports commercial

Gus Johnson brings an unparalleled level of excitement to the games he covers. At times, he seems to explode with said excitement as he gives enthusiastic play-by-play. In the latest commercial from Fox Sports, Johnson explodes – literally – while a bomb squad tries to defuse him. 

We're not sure if Fox is implying Johnson is some sort of robot or just a bomb filled with pink goo. It's also a bit unnerving watching a group with assault rifles traverse the stadium concourse. A few other questions persist. Do they rebuild Johnson each week? If they know it happens every Saturday, why not position the bomb squad a little closer?

Regardless, it's nice to see Johnson get some well deserved credit for the job he does. Few broadcasters are able to capture the excitement of a moment as well as he can.

A big thanks to Garth Shanklin on Twitter for helping us track down this ad. 

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