Hot Wheels’ effective Don’t Drink and Drive campaign

Hot Wheels cars typically inspire feelings of excitement, fun and nostalgia. Odds are you've never connected the toy to a serious topic such as drinking and driving. A new marketing campaign from the widely respected marketing agency Ogilvy connects the two ideas in an incredibly powerful way.

Each car keychain has the message "Even a small drink is enough" printed on them. While some people might label the campaign as hokey, it's extremely clever and extremely effective in making people aware of what could happen if you drink and drive. The beaten and battered cars convey a very powerful message in a clear and concise way. 

The keychains pictured here were connected to various keychains at a valet and then distributed to patrons as they exited their destination. Along with the keychain was a number for a local driving service with the hopes that patrons that had a bit too much to drink would opt to have someone else drive them home. 

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