Charles Barkley, Weight Watchers and increasing the size of your unit

Yeah, so um, this happened:

Charles Barkley and Weight Watchers for Men want you, a man, to believe that for every 35 pounds you lose you MAY gain an extra inch of your good friend Buster McThunderstick.  That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life.  

I mean, for those delusional enough to think they can easily increase the size of their Colonel Poker, well that's why those Canadian Pharmacy spam ads get through my Yahoo! e-mail filter to offer me magic pills (that I don't need.  Because I'm a woman).  Some idiot was dumb enough to buy them so now they think everyone is that gullible.

What was Weight Watchers thinking here?  Did they need someone to out-dumb the Jessica Simpson ads (no easy feat)?  I mean, could they have been more blatantly obvious in their quest to basically have Barkley say, "hey, your penis is small, here's how to get a bigger one." 

This is not the only WW commercial Barkley has done, but it is by FAR the worst while making the least amount of sense.  

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