If only Jon Gruden loved Corona like he loves quarterbacks…

For the NFL season, Corona is using Jon Gruden for an entire battery of commercials furthering the brand's "Find Your Beach" theme.  The endgame here is a sweepstakes for a trip to one of Gruden's football destinations, which feature some… well.. unique ads themselves.  Throughout the introductory ad below, Gruden looks and sounds like he just answered his 3:17 AM alarm.  Feel the rush of adrenaline as Gruden tells us we can call him "coach." Whew.  I was worried about that.  The rest of the ad is basically Gruden pointing a football at you and giant words and poorly drawn pictures appearing in the background.  (Also, according to the Corona Map, Fort Wayne, Indiana appears to be a premier football destination.)

None of it makes me want to drink a Corona, or enter a sweepstakes to drink a Corona in Pittsburgh or Dallas.  I've seen Jon Gruden more excited for 5 yard hitch patterns than he is for fetching his lime and bottle opener….