Is Google Chrome’s new sentimental ad a bit much?

Google has again done the unthinkable – they've made an emotional advertisement about a web browser. I give credit where credit is due. Prior to Google's ad campaign around Chrome I never suspected I would be captivated during an ad for a web browser. 

The latest offering from Google features a young girl headed off to college, using Google products to stay connected with her father. This premise alone is enough to create a touching ad but Google took it a step further by noting that the girl's mom has recently passed away. Over the course of the spot we see the father and his daughter slowly but surly connect, partially through memories of the deceased. 

It's a moving spot. The production value is immense. However, is it a bit too much? The topic of death is rarely mentioned in advertising simply because it invokes a very somber message. Here the topic of a parent passing away is a big risk by Google. While there's no question that the ad delivers a very touching message, it also runs the risk of coming off a bit depressing and it might even cause the more cynical of viewers to roll their eyes. 

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