Is this the best “Don’t Text and Drive” commercial?

Texting while driving is a serious risk. Don't believe us? We'll give you a second to go look up some of the statistics on what texting at the wheel can do. Back? On we go. Most commercials that have aired involving the topic of texting and driving have usually taken a grim approach to the subject. It can feel uncomfortable and even a bit forced. While it's emotionally charged we're not convinced it's the best way to deliver the message.

The following ad from The Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation might have figured out the best way to demonstrate how ridiculous texting at the wheel is. 

Simple. Effective. Creative. This ad shows just how silly it is that current generations "send messages" at the wheel. Sure, the whole concept is a bit out there – no one would lug a typewriter into their car, would they? – but it does a great job of driving the point home. 

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