Jack from Jack in the Box has an awful wife


Poor Jack. Aside from the fact his head probably stretches out all of his shirts, his wife is quite the piece of work. In Jack in the Box's spot for their waffle breakfast sandwich, Jack competes in a game of Scrabble against his wife. Jack plays "Swavory", a word he invented to describe his sweet yet savory maple waffle sandwich, earning some major points thanks to a triple word score. His wife retaliates with "Nonookie", or in other words, Jack isn't getting any tonight.

Our condolences, Jack. If your wife is that sore of a loser (and if we're honest, kind of a b****) when playing a friendly game of Scrabble, we can only imagine the nightmare she is on a daily basis.  Who even uses the term "Nookie" these days? Let's hope those waffle sandwiches are a bit sweeter than your relationship. 

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