James Bond has a new drink – Heineken

James Bond is abandoning his iconic vodka martini. In the interest of product placement, Bond has a new taste – Heineken. In a bold move by both Heineken and the team behind the newest Bond flick, Skyfall, the beloved character will be reaching for a beer as opposed to his trusty martini. 


Does this mean Bond will be abandoning his catchphrase of "Shaken, not stirred" as well? It remains to be seen how the marketing translates to the film itself, but it's safe to assume that the hardcore Bond fans won't be too fond of Bond ditching his typical drink in exchange for a few extra bucks. 

To be fair, the Daniel Craig version of James Bond is more rugged and more human than the Bonds of the past. He's more gritty and lacks some of the ridiculous gadgets (invisible car) that made Bond seem more like a cartoon than an actual person. Maybe this Bond would opt for a beer over a martini?

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