Jennifer Aniston takes it to a new level in this Smartwater ad

So, yes.  Where to begin?  

On the one hand, we have to give Jennifer Aniston props for being able to make fun of herself in such an extreme way – the constant pregnancy rumors, the secret children (adopted or not), the must-be-fake-hair-because-no-one's-hair-is-that-perfect row of wigs, that she'll only ever be known as Rachel from Friends…  I give her props – really.  The tabloids have spent the past seven plus years painting her as this lonely, bitter spinster desperate for a new husband and babies.  So, this kind of sticks it to them, and I like that.

That being said – this commercial didn't really touch on everything it could, and to me falls flat.  Like the whole pool being filled with Smartwater?  I'd rather see her in a Brat Pitt shrine, complete with their wedding album and Angelina voo-doo dolls.  Or like, sitting in her bed watching reruns of Friends and reciting every line.  Something more fun than this mediocre execution would have been a lot smarter.  (See what I did there?)

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