Jon Gruden is dressed in all black for this somber Hooters ad

Last we saw Jon Gruden, he was starring in a Corona commercial that consisted of him pointing a football at you repeatedly.  Chucky must be making quite the career as a food and drink pitchman because his latest ad is for Hooters.  As Gruden references in the commercial, yes, he did once work at Hooters.  Perhaps that explains why he's dressed in all black and his excitement level never goes above funeral march levels.  Maybe it's not so glamourous on the inside.  (Seriously, who thought that huge, plain black visor was a good idea?)

When I think of sports-themed Hooters commercials, I think of Dick Vitale laughing and having a good time with hot women.  Seeing two finger puppets chat while Jon Gruden sits alone, stoically in a booth doesn't quite have the same impact.  Gruden is an excitable analyst, always talking about his love for "this guy" and "this kid."

If only one of the Hooters girls could run through "Spider 2 Y Banana" with Chucky, then this commercial may have something to work with…