Kirk Herbstreit addresses Bingo and lumberjack scandals for Allstate

These lengthy Kirk Herbstreit ads for Allstate are… well… head scratchers.  Herbie's job here appears to be a pitchman for Allstate's 60 Seconds of Mayhem.  But if you watch the entire 228 seconds in both spots, you won't have any idea how to take part in it, or what 60 Seconds of Mayhem is aside from a couple cool prizes.  You will learn a great deal about Herbie's Bingo scandal and a grisly episode involving lumberjacks though.

As far as an effective ad, Allstate doesn't pass the test.  You can't make folks Google search "60 Second of Mayhem" to find out what exactly it is you're doing.  As a concept, the Kirk Herbstreit Apology Tour is mildly amusing, if only for the over-the-top irony of the straightest of straight-laced ESPN analysts being involved in Bingo and lumberjack scandals.  You won't laugh, but you may chuckle or give a wry smile a time or two.  Herbie's decent in these spots, but he's a much better and more effective ad-libber.  I prefer his more natural, spontaneous reactions as seen in the "Kirk Herbstreit Earthquake Face" and "Lee Corso drops an f*** bomb on Gameday."