La-Z-Boy ad with Brooke Shields channels Seinfeld’s Elaine

The folks in charge of La-Z-Boys marketing must have been watching a bit too much Seinfeld when creating their new ad starring Brooke Shields. Change the phrase "Get out" to "Shut up" and boom – commercial finished. Unfortunately, while we laughed at Elaine when she shoved Kramer through a doorway, watching an annoying woman shove Brooke Shields is just dumb and uncreative. 

Get with the times, La-Z-Boy. This ad might have been popular in the 90s but in modern times the phrase "Shut up" in this context is only used in current media by people that are mocking the stereotypical teen girl. The problem is not even teen girls use this dated expression (or so we've heard) and that means you probably shouldn't either when marketing your furniture – especially since you target middle aged consumers. 

Besides, Elaine pulls off this concept so much better. 

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