Legal Sea Foods’ campaign goes from Brokeback Mountain to killing Grandpa

Unless you're a passionate fisher you probably don't find the sport / hobby very entertaining. Catching just one fish can consume an entire day. Legal Sea Foods, a seafood chain that is based out of Boston, released a new, edgy campaign demonstrating why you should spend your time dining with them as opposed to wasting your day on the water. 

From an annoying wife pushed into the water (below) to the rather hilarious spot about Brokeback Mountain (above), Legal Sea Foods certainly has the advertising world buzzing. However, with every edgy campaign comes a bit of controversy. It's safe to assume some won't be able to find the humor in their ad where a grandfather passes away while fishing with his grandson (also below). It might push the line but the "Uh oh" during the slogan is hilarious.

Controversy aside, credit to Legal Sea Foods for trying something different. You can only zoom in on your product while a voiceover claims how delicious it is so many times. Humor can go a long way in advertising and we imagine Legal Foods should see plenty of PR thanks to these spots which are bound to get people talking. 

Dead Grandfather

Annoying Wife

Leaking Boat

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