Let’s fondly remember the magic of Hunter Pence and Liscio’s Bakery

Hunter Pence was traded from Philadelphia to San Francisco at the trade deadline this year… which is a real shame because we sadly won't be seeing more of these wonderful Liscio's Bakery ads Pence filmed in Philly.  These local ads are often a gold mine of unintentional comedy.  Pence is a good player, but maybe not so much of a pitchman.  Either someone is holding him at gunpoint off stage, or he has the personality of Tim Duncan.  Observe how "pumped" he is for the season to start…  

But the treasure here lies in this ad that features Pence running with bread, doing curls with bread, rowing with bread, and measuring his socks with bread… all with the enthusiasm and excitement of doing everything in your daily life with a loaf of bread.

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