Nestle sends a Kit Kat to space

Space is the new hot topic in advertising thanks to Red Bull's incredible stunt where Felix Baumgartner performed a supersonic freefall from roughly 128,000 feet. Nestle quickly jumped on the concept and launched a Kit Kat bar into space. The end result was some neat footage but we think the spot actually reflects pretty poorly on the brand. 

We've seen this ad before. Before Red Bull had a man fall from space, a truly incredible event, we saw numerous companies launch products into space with balloons. Natty Light sent a beer can into space back in 2011. Toshiba sent a chair into space in 2009. The idea of launching Item X into space simply isn't original. Red Bull took the concept and added their own unique and exciting spin on it. Meanwhile, Nestle simply copied an old formula and made an ad around it on the heels of a successful event. Find your own creativity, Nestle. 

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