No one eats McDonald’s in a bike shop

I'll start off by saying that I'm not a fan of McDonald's. I haven't eaten their food in years and I doubt I will unless I'm looking to feel disgusting and loaded with grease for the next several hours. That being said, their ad promoting the improved Extra Value Menu doesn't make any sense. A group of friends are enjoying lunch in a bike shop when the main character discretely hides the fact he had to move back in with his parents. Well played, chap. 

Stop a minute and consider what's wrong with this picture. They're in a bike shop. Why on Earth are they eating in a bike shop? I'm not sure where this commercial is supposed to be set but around here there aren't tables and chairs within any bike shops – and no one would ever bring their lunch there. The completely bizarre setting distracts from whatever message McDonald's is pushing. Nothing says a delicious lunch like eating next to some greasy bike parts. 

Enjoy the irony of greasy food being consumed in a greasy bike shop. Perfect symbolism. 

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