Old Spice rebounds as Greg Jennings mixes business and pleasure

We were skeptical when we heard Greg Jennings was going to appear in a series of advertisements for Old Spice. Our fears were realized when we took in the first spot featuring Jennings, an ad that lacked the typical Old Spice charm and humor. Thankfully, Old Spice rebounded and all it took was Jennings actually playing football, a large bed and a pretty lady. 

We were left with just one question …


… how is Jennings supporting that bed as he runs down the field? Our initial thoughts aren't appropriate for all audiences. Let's just say we assume Jennings was probably pretty stiff after lugging that prop bed around. 

Maybe it's just us but there's something comical about a member of the New England Patriots destroying Jennings' nightstand on a missed tackle. There's something hilarious about a Patriot trying desperately to tackle Jennings only to be pushed aside by a bed filled by Jennings, a sleeping beauty and delicious pancakes. 

We were quick to criticize Old Spice on their first ad with Jennings – a rare miss. While we're still on the fence with Jennings, we'll applaud Old Spice for bringing their spots back up to their usual high standard. 

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