Pepsi – Drew Brees and One Direction – Part 2

Pepsi recently unveiled a commercial that depicted a showdown between Drew Brees and One Direction for the last can of Pepsi. The concept was decent, the execution was mediocre (why are fans of various NFL teams cheering for Brees? No Saints fans?) and the singing from Brees was, as expected, dreadful. 

Now Pepsi has released the second part of the ad showing what happened if Brees was successful in claiming the last Pepsi.

Unfortunately, the gag is a bit weak considering the idea isn't fleshed out very well. Would it have been that difficult to show One Direction on a football field, either through them visiting one or through CGI? We wish Pepsi would have used both ads simultaneously instead of running one continuously and then switching in the second. By the time this second part was released, consumers were already sick of the 25 seconds of buildup. 

It's a solid concept. Unfortunately, poor execution and poor strategy have made this one ad we cringe at whenever it comes on. 

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