Please stop yelling at us Pepperidge Farm

I haven't tried Jingos!, the latest product from Pepperidge Farm. Thanks to their new commercials where yelling seems to be the only creative strategy at play, I won't be going out of my way to try them. We get it. There's an exclamation point at the end of your product's name. That doesn't mean your entire campaign needs to be based on forcing us to use the mute button each time your spot hits the airwaves. 

Obnoxious. Loud. Annoying. Congratulations, Pepperidge Farm. You hit the trifecta of "Concepts to Avoid" in Advertising 101. To those responsible, we'd appreciate an opportunity to yell in your face as a form of payback. 

In case one ad wasn't good enough for you, Pepperidge Farm has twenty more seconds of torture that follows the same format as the one above. Hopefully, the madness will end with these two spots. In all honesty, Jingos! might be delicious. Unfortunately, they're masked behind an infuriating group of people screaming for no reason. 

What better way to sell a product than to associate it with a headache?


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