Ray Vinson haunts televisions in St. Louis

Residents of St. Louis love their Cardinals and their Blues. Unfortunately, in order to follow their favorite teams they also have to subject themselves to Vinson Mortgage Group's horrific set of commercials that continually plague St. Louis airwaves. 

Above you'll find one example of what the Vinsons churn out on a regular basis. Here the voice of the company (a nails on chalkboard voice at that) pretends to play goalie as NHL Hall of Famer Bernie Federko tries to score a goal. We guess Ray couldn't even be bothered to put on any NHL equipment, huh? Might as well end the spot with an awkward high five meets hockey fist bump. To top it all off, the soft twangs of a banjo, the phone number that ends in "9999", the URL of GoSeeRay.com and the oddly obvious buck-toothed smile aren't exactly traits we'd trust or look for in a company handling something as important as a mortgage. 

Unfortunately for the St. Louis area the Vinsons must be doing quite well financially. Their commercials appear at nearly every single commercial break during Cardinals and Blues games. They have even been able to secure some notable faces from the St. Louis area, including Bernie Federko (seen above), Tony LaRussa (seen below) and Olympian Jackie Joyner Kersee. Their most prominent ad appeared in the St. Louis area during the Super Bowl – an ad that somehow compared low interest rates to Albert Pujols leaving the Cardinals. Odd. 

Not sick of Ray's bad – and likely fake – accent? Check out the following spots where awkward high fives and painful acting rule the day. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Ray Vinson and Tony LaRussa

Ray Vinson on Albert Pujols 

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