Samsung makes fun of iPhone users

The hype for the iPhone 5 is in full swing. Preorders for Apple's latest product surpassed two million orders in just 24 hours. Simply put, the buzz has been immense. However, not all of the talk surrounding the new iPhone 5 has been positive. Even Apple's most faithful customers stated they were disappointed by the lack of innovation and were dismayed to see that Apple's most prominent new features are ones rival companies already have.

Well played, Samsung. Samsung's ad for their Galaxy S III is a brilliant jab at Apple and their waves of followers. From stating that the iPhone 5's features are ones that Samsung has already had to illustrating technology the new iPhone still won't be able to do, Samsung's ad really drives home the point that Apple is no longer the leader in new technology. 

The tables have been turned on Apple. Previously it was Apple users looking down on their friends and their outdated technology. Now, the market has not only caught up but has perhaps surpassed Apple in terms of technology, leading to this campaign that looks down and scoffs at Apple fanatics. 

My favorite part has to be man waiting in line for his parents. A simple, yet brilliant stab at Apple's core following that would tremble at the thought that their device is now standard for people over the age of 40 and is no longer the hip product on the market. 

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