This Lindor Truffles Commercial With Roger Federer Makes Zero Sense

This Lindor Truffles commercial reaches a new level of fail.  

Roger Federer has done a LOT of commercials (Nike, Wilson, Rolex, etc), all of which were relevant to him as an athlete (although one of the Rolex ads I have an issue with but that's another post for another day).

This one?  Not so much.

The first time I saw this commercial, I was actually speechless.  Ignoring the fact that he'd never be carrying anything other than rackets in his tennis bag, why?  Why?  I can't even form rational thoughts while watching this.  

He probably doesn't even EAT chocolate (at least not in that quantity).  And what's he doing at a commercial airport when we all know he flies private?   (I once read Rafael Nadal was stranded after a tournament and Fed let him use his private jet.)

Did they pick him because he's Swiss and Lindt is a Swiss brand?  Because if so, on the one hand, fine, but on the other hand, I ask again, WHY?

I know commercials aren't always meant to be aligned with reality and most of them use ridiculous exaggerations to make their point – this particular one just does it REALLY badly.

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