Tip Jar: Carnival Kia’s ads are uncomfortable after owner is arrested

Carnival Kia owner Jerry Christopher Bostick is famous in Tennessee  for his "Don't you leave 'til you see me" slogan that he makes at the end of all of his commercials. On their own the commercials are annoying but nothing too extreme when you consider the strange world of local car advertising. However, when Bostick was recently arrested for domestic abuse, the advertisements' casual slogan becomes a bit more sinister.


We could easily make a joke here about the implications of what happens when you don't see him prior to leaving, but domestic abuse is no laughing matter. Based on the police report, he slammed a door in his wife's face and knocked the phone from her hand when she tried to call the police. Bostick also was charged as a "felon in possession of a weapon", a charge that relates to an earlier arrest from 1989 when he was arrested with a concealed weapon.

Bostick's wife even appears in some of his ads, including the ad below from 2011. Awkward. A big thanks to SoonerCharley on Twitter for pointing out this perfect example of irony.


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