Top 10 Allstate Mayhem commercials

There are few ad campaigns I can think of that are as popular and have gone as viral as the Allstate Mayhem commercials.  They take the unexpected and make it hilarious while still making a valid point.  Because, let’s face it:  insurance is boring.  No one cares about it until they need it.  The Mayhem commercials are brilliant because they focus on things we might not think of, going beyond your average fender bender or break-in.  We decided to post our favorite 10 Mayhem commercials that do the best to drive home their point.

10.  Raccoon

You know the drill – somehow a wild animal stealthily enters your house and wreaks havoc.  I haven’t had personal experience with this, but I DO know that renter’s and home owner’s insurance is a MUST.

9.  Wind Storm

I live in the Windy City, so I can relate.  Not that I’ve had a branch fall on my car and destroy it, but I have had the wind be so strong it broke my umbrella, which is JUST AS ANNOYING.  Okay, not really.

8. Deer

If you live anywhere in the country that has back roads, odds are you’ve either hit or almost hit a deer 7893745892 times.  I’ve heard hitting one could cause severe damage if not total your car, so make sure you have good insurance, kids!

7. Lucky Team Flag

My senior year in college, Ohio State was undefeated (the year they went on to “win” the national championship), and came to Champaign to play us.  Illinois wasn’t particularly good but we took them to overtime.  My point?  That morning I saw about 47,000 OSU team flags as the visiting fans drove in – as if that wasn’t vomit inducing enough, they were all honking at each other.  But anyway, this is obviously a legitimate problem.

6. Blind Spot

Ahhh, the dreaded blind spot.  I remember not checking mine carefully enough once and having someone ram into me.  This was in high school – and not the first accident I’d caused.  As such, our insurance company, who shall remain nameless, threatened to cut us off.  I say “us” because I was on my mom’s.  She was none too thrilled.

5.  GPS

If I had a nickel for every time I got thrown off by “recalculating,” I’d have $.25.

4. 12 Days of Mayhem

Since the holidays are coming up, let’s think of EVERY possible thing that could go wrong that you’d need insurance for.

3. Jogger

I had to put this one high on the list because it’s hilarious and also because being female and living in a big city (suburb, town of two, etc) means you will get gawked at and honked at no matter what.

2. Teenage Girl

This one is so beyond accurate that I laugh every time I watch it.  Also, this could definitely be called All Women Under 40.  Ladies, am I right?  Don’t tell me you haven’t said that exact crap in the past six months.  No?  Just me then?

1. Text Walker

Just this morning I was walking up the stairs to catch the train and this moronic woman just STOPPED dead on the stairs because something on her phone was too important to keep moving, therefore making everyone reroute to the other side of her because she couldn’t be bothered to take ten more steps before checking her phone.  This commercial was made for that lady.


Is it sad that I enjoy watching these commercials?  Well, even if it is – Allstate takes something as boring as insurance policies and makes it relevant and amusing, so, hopefully these Mayhem ads continue on, (simulation only) wrecking things wherever they please.

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Reva is a staff writer for Awful Announcing and the AP Party. She lives in Orange County and roots for zero California teams.