Top 10 Mac vs. PC Commercials

Even though it’s been a while since the Mac vs. PC ad campaign from Apple debuted (now it’s just them one-upping their own technology), I remember them well and recall that they had some gems.  So this week’s top 10 list is brought to you by Apple.

10) Viruses

Poor PC is sick because of all the viruses he is susceptible to.  I am a PC user (for now) and am well aware of all the viral issues.  For the brief time I did have a hand-me-down Mac, it worked wonderfully until one of my roommate’s high-as-a-kite friends broke the screen.  But no, I’m not bitter, just so we’re clear.

9) Sabotage

Ah yes, PC hires a fake Mac to talk about how he’s so inferior until real Mac shows up to sabotage the sabotage (give me a break, it’s Tuesday).

8) Public Relations

Apparently there was an issue with Vista and everyone having problems with it.  PC hires PR to smooth things over.  “No comment.”

7) Choose a Vista

And speaking of – apparently there were six different versions (vs. the one Mac version).  Unfortunately when PC spins the wheel he made to randomly pick a version, he loses his turn.

6) Referee

Hiring a ref that sides with Mac over him having a better OS – “what are you, blind!?”  Even a replacement ref would have made that call, am I right?

5) Bean Counter

Best way to fix Vista is to spend more money on advertising, right?

4) Elimination

You remember that game show on MTV, “Singled Out”?  Well I do, and this is basically what’s going on here with this woman trying to select the right computer for her.

3) Customer Care

We’ve ALL been there – shouting into the phone at an automated woman that can’t understand you.

2) Touché

You keep using that word – I don’t think it means what you think it means.

1) Better Results

The difference between a Mac and PC home movie is well…see for yourself.


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