Wayne Gretzky quote used to sell tequila – Good or bad idea?

The fine folks over at Puck Drunk Love alerted us to the fact that one of Wayne's Gretzky's most famous quotes is being used to sell tequila.

The quote we're talking about is of course, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".  Aww.  So motivational.  And true!  You certainly won't get anywhere by not trying, or something.  

Well, Espolon Tequila (never heard of it, by the way) just had to add ONE word to give the quote a whole new meaning:  "You miss 100% of the Tequila shots you don't take".

Now, I can't say I agree with this.  Ignoring the fact that I don't drink tequila (unless it's Jimador and IN Mexico), I am not sure encouraging people to binge on shots of tequila is the best idea.  Not that I think they are explicitly promoting that but…I don't know.  The ad just doesn't sit well with me.  

I guess if I wanted to find a deeper meaning I could pontificate about how lots of people can't take a shot, so to speak, at the object of his/her affection without a solid dose of liquid courage, which tequila surely provides.  But I'm really not that motivated.

So I will leave you with this – a much better, in my opinion, liquor ad:

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