What Exactly is Virgin Airlines Doing?


This new commercial for Virgin Australia confuses me.  Why do they waste 60 seconds by having random airplane parts flying through the air to come together and create a plane?  I mean, other than the fact that they are being lazy, does it give anyone else negative connotations to see pieces of an airplane flying through the air???  

When promoting an airline, I would think you'd want to go another route.  Yes it takes more than just parts to make a perfect airline, or whatever, but instead of focusing on the parts, focus on the people, if that's the message you want to get across!  How hard is this?

Do you remember those "Wanna get away" commercials from Southwest?  They took the one feature they were known for (cheap air fare) and capitalized on it in a humerous way.  


Simple and to the point.  With Virgin though, I'm not really sure what part of their aircraft is so amazing.  And I don't get why they don't show people until the end, if what they're going for is that their employees are amazing as well.  Giant fail, all around.

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