Wonderful Pistachios needs a new idea

The marketing strategy deployed by Wonderful Pistachios was originally a clever, entertaining ploy. The concept of showing how different celebrities / icons crack their pistachios was an opportunity to make the rather boring idea of eating pistachios into humorous jabs at pop culture. For a while, it worked. Now as the cycle continues with little change, the concept is beyond played out. 

We enjoyed the spots using the Winklevoss (Winklevii) twins and the one with Keyboard Cat, but the recent wave of spots feel more forced, more annoying and worst of all, less entertaining. The idea of seeing how people open their pistachios has lost its spark and originality. It's time for a new idea, Wonderful Pistachios.

The worst offenders can be seen below. 

The Village People – Nothing says nuts like the Village People. 




Yo Gabba Gabba


The Simpsons – I like the Simpsons but hearing this ad numerous times in a night is a nightmare. 


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