You must have a limited vocabulary to buy Fiber One

Shame on you, Fiber One. Shame. You took a perfectly acceptable product, an 80-calorie cereal, and made one of the most annoying commercials currently on television.

The video above isn't the best quality but it's the best we could find on YouTube. Evidently those behind the ad didn't think it was worthy of appearing online. I suppose I wouldn't want this sad excuse for an ad hosted under my account either. *If you find a better version somewhere send it our way.*

Is this how we should assume Fiber One views its customers? Do they assume they are mindless individuals with a vocabulary that also numbers around 80? It would appear so. First off, do you know someone that would open their window and ask a driver about the product displayed on their truck? Probably not but that's not even the worst offense here. The woman in the spot says "right" a whopping five times in 15 seconds. FIVE TIMES. 

Whiny, annoying ads don't help brands. Right?


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