2013 Emmy nominations include four outstanding commercials


Did you know the Emmy Awards recognize outstanding commercials? They do, but the award often goes unnoticed due to the fact the broadcast focuses so heavily on actors, actresses and designer clothing. 

This year four commercials are nominated for a 2013 Emmy in the category of Outstanding Commercial. Relax: Progressive didn't make the cut. Neither did the Wax Vac ear guy, which is clearly a snub for the ages. Instead, commercials for Canon, Google Chrome, Nike and Grey Poupon are nominated as being the best commercials of the year. 

You can check out all four of the nominees below and tell us who you think should win. 

Canon – Inspired


You might have seen this commercial so many times that it might have lost its original luster and faded into obscurity. However, if you step back and view the ad for its technical merit, the whole concept is rather impressive. The ad depicts various individuals throwing themselves into a variety of dangerous, messy or awkward positions in order to snap that perfect photograph. 

Google Chrome – Jess Time


We've actually discussed this ad before. We mentioned that while it's an impressive feat that such an emotional ad was able to be created for a web browser, we felt that Google was trying too hard to be sentimental. It's a warm and loving ad, but it might have been a bit too much. Still, the emotions and story conveyed in a brief commercial are outstanding.

Nike – Jogger


We've seen plenty of ads in Nike's "Find Your Greatness" campaign, but this is one that somehow snuck past us. Featuring an average if not overweight boy, this ad chose to step away from the traditional image of toned, conditioned athletes. Instead, the message insists that everyone – even this boy – has the ability to find greatness. 

Grey Poupon – The Chase


We recently praised Grey Poupon for their outstanding ad which celebrated gay pride. The company's Emmy nomination comes from a different ad which adds action and stunts to an old concept. Aside from the creative gadgets (cork machine gun, caviar road slick), perhaps the most impressive aspect of this commercial is the nostalgic, vintage feel. From the grainy film to the dated grocery store, this ad feels like it came straight out of a different era. 

There you have it. Those are your four nominees for Outstanding Commercial. Who do you think should win?

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