A fake movie trailer announces the return of Mike and Ike

A phony movie trailer featuring Mike and Ike candy might have recently caught your eye. Starring Ryan Carlberg and David Douglas, the trailer depicts an action film following the split and ultimate reunion between Mike and Ike. The goal of the trailer is to announce that Mike and Ike are officially back together again.

Wait – Did you know Mike and Ike weren't together in the first place? 

Back in April of 2012, Mike and Ike boxes could be found with either "Mike" or "Ike" scratched out on the box. The split was supposed to bring life to a mostly tired brand and to capture the interest of younger consumers. Who doesn't love a juicy relationship squabble?

Did it work? That's difficult to say. You might have noticed the change in packaging and you might have noticed an advertisement or two, but the candy itself remained unchanged. By now, it's highly likely you forgot the duo ever was having relationship issues. 

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