A look back at commercials for Fox Soccer Channel

By now you’re probably aware that Fox Soccer – also called Fox Soccer Channel – will be disappearing from your television set. The channel which soccer fans have come to know and love will be replaced by FXX, a new entertainment channel. All of Fox Soccer’s programming will shift over to the newly created Fox Sports 1.

While this isn’t the end of soccer on the Fox network, it is the end of an era. With that, we take a look back at a few of the most memorable commercials used to promote Fox Soccer Channel.

Dress to Impress

Debates between people about how soccer is the real football and what’s played in the NFL isn’t worthy of sharing the same title are a common occurrence. Evidently, Fox wanted to keep stirring the pot. In this spot, two fans of football (American football) aren’t allowed in a party because they showed up wearing NFL jerseys instead of soccer jerseys.


A guy’s significant other makes him do chores and run errands during a big Barcelona game. He ditches her and his chores and watches the game with another woman. Learn your lesson, ladies: Soccer comes first, so you might as well join the club.

What’s On Your Mind?

Fans of any sport can agree that their favorite game is on their mind more often than not. In this advertisement, a man is seen juggling a soccer ball on his head throughout his normal work day. Get it? Soccer is literally on his mind. Clever, right?

These were just a few of the memorable ads for Fox Soccer which have popped up over the years. Some of our other favorites couldn’t be located on YouTube and others weren’t embeddable. A pity, really.

We’re hoping that Fox Sports 1 still promotes its soccer as heavily as it used to now that the sport is lumped into a channel shared with other sports. We also assume that we’ll see an increase in World Cup advertising ramp up as soon as the United States officially punches their ticket.

If you’re one of those folks who enjoys betting on NFL games online, you’ll be thrilled to know that the world’s version of football carries plenty of fun bets as well. In terms of the World Cup, the USA checks in at 80/1. There’s a reason the odds are what they are, but a small wager on your country might be one of the most enjoyable wagers you can make.

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