Awful Classics: Be the star of the lunchroom with Lunchables

It was always a special day when you were sent to school with Lunchables. While other kids suffered through their boring bologna or frightening ham and cheese loaf sandwiches, you could sit back and assemble one of the many varieties of Lunchables. From the standard crackers, meat and cheese packs to the more exuberant pizza creations, lunch was never dull with a Lunchable. 

There was just one problem. Not all Lunchables were created equal. While some stood the test of time (the pizza ones are to this day still pretty solid, FYI), others fell by the wayside. Consider the burger and hot dog versions featured in the commercial above.

Some things are perfectly edible, even delicious, when they're cold. Pizza and cold cuts follow this rule, but items such as burgers and hot dogs don't. They really, really don't. Imagine sitting down in the lunchroom and assembling a cold, salty hot dog in a miniature bun. Gee, thanks Mom. You couldn't splurge for Lunchables Pizza, could you?

At the very least, Lunchables Burgers and Hot Dogs gave you one thing most grade schools didn't want you to have – soda. Well, it wasn't so much soda as it was "Cola" which was an extremely poor imitation of any brand of soda you've actually heard of. However, as Lunchables eventually rebranded themselves as a healthier option, the "Cola" was removed. 

While those of us that dined on Lunchables often in school have grown up, we all still fondly remember this commercial from the late '90s that was far more memorable and enjoyable than any cold burgers or hot dogs. 

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