Awful Classics: Get caught up in the Crossfire!

Crossfire … You'll get caught up in the … Crossfire!

These words still echo in the mind's of those that grew up during the '90s. Perhaps one of the most iconic commercials from the decade, this Crossfire commercial is a nostalgic trip. We asked on the @Awful_Ads Twitter account which ad was the most memorable from your childhood and Crossfire was overwhelmingly the most popular commercial mentioned. Lightning, smoke and and an unforgettable soundtrack easily places Crossfire in a class of its own.

The game where you attempted to knock a puck, or disc, into the opponent's zone by shooting metallic balls with a red gun might be one of your most vivid memories. The action was intense, forcing you to load ball after ball into the red launcher, desperately trying to sink your opponent before they sink you. Of course, the pucks were strange shapes – a triangle and a star-looking thing – making the game nearly impossible and above all else, infuriating. 

Between the gun/launcher jamming – a regular occurrence – and the likely situation that the puck would get stuck on the board somewhere, the game took longer than it ever should have. Most time games were abandoned, or flipped, out of anger and frustration. Physical altercations over a game of Crossfire were a common occurrence. When someone ultimately won, the fun didn't end there as you were stuck with the pungent smell of metal ball bearings on your hand for the rest of the day.

They really don't make 'em like they used to. 

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