Awful Classics: Jack in the Box blew up Jack in 1980

If you go back and watch some commercials from 20 or 30 years ago, you're bound to find hundreds and hundreds of ads that leave you scratching your head. One of the best examples comes from Jack in the Box in an ad where the restaurant literally blows up their mascot. 

Back in 1980, Jack in the Box had a strange ad where they tied explosives to their clown mascot, Jack, and blew him up. Why are they blowing him up? Because they're abandoning their "cute image" and running with an image of "better food." It's unclear how these two thoughts relate, but there it is. No strange ad is complete without an old lady yelling "Waste him!" prior to a mascot exploding. 

As we all know, Jack miraculously survived and is still in commercials some 30+ years later. Feel free to make your own zombie comparisons. 

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