Awful Classics: Jim McMahon and William Perry Coca Cola ad

For someone born 2 weeks after Super Bowl XX, it's hard for me to imagine just how big the '85 Bears must have been in popular culture.  From the Super Bowl Shuffle to the big personalities like Jim McMahon and William "The Refrigerator" Perry, they must have been every marketing agent's dream in the mid 80s.  This Awful Classic sees McMahon and Perry pitch Coke with the predictable fridge-related puns.

Everything here makes you nostalgic about the 80s from the dialogue to the voiceover, to the pair of Bears approaching a diner in full uniform, to Jim McMahon wearing his sunglasses indoors before that was the sign of a doucebag.  Everything of course, except for the fact that Perry and McMahon are drinking two different brands of Coca Cola!  McMahon orders a "Coca Cola Classic" while The Fridge enjoys the "light, smooth" taste of Coke.

This represents the window in time after Coke brought back the old formula and sold it as the "Classic" brand after the infamous New Coke disaster of 1985.  New Coke was gone within a few months due to the public backlash and the old formula was brought back to the shelves.  However, Coke still sold both the new product and the old formula under its "Classic" label for several years and in fact, it wasn't until 2009 when it was removed "Classic" from Coke cans permanently.

Thank goodness Coca Cola did the right thing and stayed true to the acidic, sugary taste we all know and love.