Awful Classics: Sonic 2 was the video game that did everything

They don't make video game commercials like they used to. In the case of this Sonic 2 commercial for the Sega Genesis, they really don't make them like they used to. 

Using the style of an infomercial, we learn that Sonic 2 can do just about everything. Have a bald spot? No problem, here's Sonic 2. It slices, dices and conveniently fits into a tackle box. Thank goodness for that! Pets love it too! Oh, and you can also play Sonic 2, but that's besides the point. 

This commercial does a pretty good job summing up the advertising children saw in the '90s. It didn't always make sense – OK, it rarely made sense – but it was creative, funny and most importantly of all, memorable. 

It's just too bad that wiener dog sweater is sold separately. 

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