AXE Apollo takes on Bryce Drew’s Valparaiso buzzer beater

Sorry Bryce Drew – your memorable buzzer beater in 1998 that pushed No. 13 Valparaiso past No. 4 Ole Miss was awesome, but apparently it's not as awesome as an astronaut. At least, that's what AXE is telling us in their new commercial for AXE Apollo where a galactic spin is added to an iconic sports moment. 

Using footage from the original play, AXE inserted a voice over courtesy of Kevin Harlan. Thanks to a bit of clever editing and TV magic, they placed an astronaut on the Valparaiso bench – an astronaut which received all of the attention from the "broadcast" and from a swarm of cheerleaders after the buzzer beater as a dejected Bryce Drew looks on. 

This sharp concept is a pretty a refreshing change when compared to the AXE ads of old. Old AXE ads have been so bad and annoying that we won't even tempt you to watch one by placing a link in this article. Instead, let's all rejoice that those in charge of marketing AXE gave us a breath of fresh air, figuratively speaking.

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