Barclays ad thanks the passionate fans who follow the Premier League

Barclays, the financial services provider and current sponsor of the Premier League, released an ad which depicts what it's like to be a fan of a club competing in the EPL. The ad recognizes that whether you're young or old, male or female, soccer can be a large part of who you are. 

The ad is designed to thank fans for their passion and it coincides with the hashtag #YouAreFootball. Barclays is trying to say that it is the fans who make the Premier League special, not just the teams out on the pitch.

This spot might come off a little cheesy if you're not a soccer fan, but it's an entirely realistic portrayal of what it's like to root for a club in the Premier League. Life comes to a halt when your team is playing and you'll wear your emotions on your sleeve when it comes to your love for the sport. Few ads are able to accurately capture the emotional connection between a fan and their team or sport, but this Barclays spot is a fantastic representation of what it's like to be a soccer fan. 

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