Be thankful you’re not regularly subjected to this French McDonald’s ad

McDonald's and annoying, pointless advertisements go hand in hand. Unless you've permanently removed it from your memory (lucky you), you'll recall the "Fishy Fishy" song which made television nearly unwatchable for the better part of a month. 

As it turns out, those of us in the United States have it easy. This French McDonald's ad belongs in a league reserved for awful concepts such as the Wax Vac and any ad where Pitbull shakes his fist.

Two women are diving into a McDonald's Red Chili Chicken sandwich, an item that apparently is only available abroad. The sandwich, one that's made with Tobasco sauce, is evidently so hot that it sends two women practically into labor. Instead of, I don't know, drinking some water and acting like any normal person would, the two women scream office secrets for all to hear. 

You just know this is one of those commercials that airs late at night approximately 500 times louder than the program you're watching. Think it's bad watching it once? Imagine this commercial appearing across the dial, rudely making its presence known at each commercial break (*Shudder*). I've never been so thankful to live in the USA. 

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