Bill Cowher is in a really dumb Time Warner Cable ad

Time Warner Cable brought in Bill Cowher as their head coach in an ad promoting their Look Back feature which allows viewers to watch a show up to 72 hours after its aired. Why is Cowher present in this ad? No one really knows. Our best guess is that he's at Time Warner to yell at and inspire employees, but even that doesn't make much sense. Get it – he said he's going to trade that bad employee. Because he's a former coach! Get it! *Groan*

Cowher's acting is pretty dreadful, but that's not saying much considering the acting talent he's surrounded by isn't much better.

The Look Back feature from TWC is actually pretty awesome. We've all been in the position where we've forgotten to DVR a program and are left scouring the Internet trying to find it or we're left hoping it'll air again in the near future. Look Back eliminates that problem. Cool, right? It's a shame such an interesting and useful feature is advertised with such a bland and stupid concept. 

The "Head Coach of the Office" is a pretty played out concept that's never been that successful in the first place. Let's be honest: It's no Office Linebacker

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